Morphe drops James Charles collaboration after grooming allegations

Andrew Amos
James Charles with Morphe palette

James Charles has announced he has “mutually agreed to wind down” his relationship with Morphe in a new April 16 apology. The cosmetic company dropped the beauty YouTuber after recent grooming allegations.

James Charles has cut ties with “long-term partner” Morphe over recent allegations of grooming.

“I’ve loved every moment working together, and am beyond grateful for what we’ve created together,” he said in an April 16 statement.

As of the time of publishing, the James Charles palette, mini palette, and brush set are still available on Morphe’s website.

Charles, age 21, has been accused by numerous people of grooming minors online. However, some of the accusations have reportedly been fabricated.

“Many other people have come forward with a series of misleading stories and false allegations which have been reported on by many people, creators, and news outlets,” he added on April 16.

“My legal team has begun taking action against those that have spread misinformation, as this has gone too far.”

Charles added he put trust into “individuals who told me they were over the age 18,” but ultimately took accountability for his actions.

James Charles
Charles apologized for his actions on April 1.

“Accountability is something that I have spoken about a number of times in the past. In my most recent video, I spoke about and took accountability for my part in conversations I had with a few individuals.”

He is currently on hiatus from social media, but hopes to return and continue creating content for his 25 million YouTube subscribers.

“I am continuing to take time away to learn, grow, and listen, and look forward to coming back one day in the future as a better version of myself.”

“I can’t show change overnight but will over time.”