Corinna Kopf says she’ll fight Tana Mongeau “for a check” & not for clout

Corinna Kopf vs Tana Mongeau youtubeCorinna Kopf / Tana Mongeau YouTube

The online celebrity boxing trend is steadily growing and catching the interest of popular YouTubers, TikTokers and everyone in between – to the point where we could get a Corinna Kopf vs Tana Mongeau matchup.

In the wake of the YouTuber vs Tiktokers boxing event, more content creators have been throwing their names out there for potential matchups that their followers would like to see.

YouTube boxing bouts can stem from long, drawn out beef between two people or from a simple tweet that eventually steamrolls into its own event down the line.

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If that trend continues, then it could result in friends Kopf and Mongeau taking to the ring in some capacity, seeing as the two are talking about the possibility of setting up a fight.

“I wanna beat the sh*t out of, I mean fight, Tana Mongeau,” Kopf tweeted. For the most part, the tweet went by without a hitch and people didn’t take it all that seriously.

The two have had an amicable relationship, and people weren’t really expecting any sort of grudge match to pop up between the two. While that might still be the case, Mongeau responded to the quip.

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“Down, I knew you’d show up for the clout,” Mongeau said, which instantly sparked interest in a potential fight between the two, assuming it follows some sort of regulation setting.

But Kopf has her eyes on what really matters in these celebrity-feature bouts: the hauls of cash potential that can flow through a broadcast deal and subsequent take.

“I don’t want your clout but I will beat your ass for a check,” Kopf retorted. While both are currencies social media influencers live off of, Kopf is clearly looking ahead to the massive bag that an event between the two would generate.

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Mongeau has been vocal about seeing “other females [who] want to box” in the ring, and even called out her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne for a match.

It’s increasingly looking like Mongeau wants to step in the ring against someone, although it’s still unclear who would take her up on the offer – although Kopf seems willing.