PewDiePie gives verdict on Ludwig & Valkyrae streaming on YouTube

Instagram: Valkyrae, 100 Thieves, ludwigahgren / YouTube: PewDiePie

Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren notably signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming last week, marking the latest in a slew of broadcasters jumping ship from Twitch… and PewDiePie is here for the change.

Twitch is losing a good chunk of its top talent as more and more of its most recognizable streamers opt for exclusive broadcasting contracts with YouTube.

Some of the bigger names to make the switch have been social media stars like TimTheTatMan, Dr Lupo, Lazarbeam, CouRage, and Valkyrae, who notably signed with the platform in early 2020.

On November 29, Ludwig joined in on the trend and made the jump, sparking conversation across the net as to what this could mean for the future of Twitch (prompting other top influencers to speculate that Twitch simply “wouldn’t care” about its talent leaving).

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Chief among the existing YouTube-exclusive content creators is Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, who boasts over 110 million subscribers and is the most-subscribed independent YouTuber.

When asked about his thoughts on streamers like Ludwig and Valkyrae switching over to YouTube during a live stream, PewDiePie appeared to be enthusiastic about the situation.

How to buy Valkyrae new merchandiseRevolt, Valkyrae
Valkyrae is one of YouTube’s most notable streamers, taking home Content Creator of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards.

PewDiePie reacts to Ludwig moving to YouTube

“A lot of creators getting paid to stream on YouTube lately,” he read a comment from his chat aloud. “Nice! Get paid! Get that cash. Good for them. I’m glad they’re able to do it.”

“I was a little cautious, because I… you know what, I don’t need to talk about my deal,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter. I’m very happy. … I’ll tell you all about my experience in due time.”

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Notably, PewDiePie also signed an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming in summer 2020, after previously streaming on DLive.

Although he didn’t give any specifics about his deal with YouTube, it’s clear he’s pleased with his arrangement and hopes other streamers find similar success on the site.