Ludwig leaves Twitch for exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming

Theo Salaun
ludwig streamer youtube

After taking Twitch by storm, popular streamer Ludwig Ahren announced that he is taking his talents to YouTube Gaming. And his first stream on the platform will take place on November 30th, 2021.

Ludwig has been one of the biggest names in the content creation game for a while now. He’s been involved in “adult toy” discourse with Pokimane, been named one of Dream’s five favorite streamers, and any number of other top-tier accolades.

But, after being a dominant force for Twitch, he’s moving on. In a November 29, 2021 announcement, the streamer revealed that he will be moving to exclusively stream with YouTube Gaming.

Ludwig leaves Twitch to stream with YouTube Gaming

The big-time streamer announced the decision on Twitter in a cheeky fashion. In the video, he left a purple car for a red one and, capping it off, he mentioned how he can play whatever music he likes in the new vehicle.

Ludwig also made sure to let fans know the date of his first stream with YouTube: November 30, 2021.

Ludwig has become one of the biggest names in the streaming world.

With over a million followers on Twitter and over 3 million followers on Twitch, Ludwig is a force in the streaming industry. A former Super Smash Bros. commentator, his popularity has skyrocketed since he began streaming full-time in 2019.

So far, fans don’t know exactly what prompted the move to YouTube. But he has quickly been welcomed by fellow content creators on the platform, like Valkyrae and CouRage.

For those who are wondering why Ludwig would swap platforms despite finding mainstream success on Twitch, there’s a simple explanation in the meantime. Just remember what his Twitter bio says: “Mogul moves.”