Moistcr1tikal claims Twitch “wouldn’t care” if xQc left the platform


YouTuber Moistcr1tikal claimed that Twitch “wouldn’t care” if one of its most popular streamers — Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel — left the platform for good.

Twitch received a broadside from nowhere when Ludwig — who had 3 million followers on the platform — announced he was leaving the site for YouTube.

Losing one streamer isn’t a big deal, but Twitch has seen several big names, like TimTheTatman, cross over the red line in recent months. Despite the latest loss though, Charles Moistcr1tikal/penguinz0′ White still doesn’t think the streaming site would shell out for one of it’s most popular stars.

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Twitch “wouldn’t care” if xQc left

xQc has shown no signs of leaving Twitch, even though he’s been banned more than a few times.

After a viewer asked Charlie what Ludiwg’s departure meant for the Twitch, the streamer replied “nothing,” and added the purple streaming platform wouldn’t care if even xQc himself jumped ship.

“Even if xQc tomorrow announced that he was the next one leaving… Twitch wouldn’t fight for him,” Moistcr1tikal said. “They’d probably actually be relieved, because they look at him as a brand risk.”

Anyone who’s watched the former Overwatch League star knows that xQc has been banned from Twitch multiple times before, despite the massive numbers he pulls in.

“They have banned that guy f***ing 30 times or some s**t by now,” Charlie continued. “They would not care. That is the impression I get from that department, they would not care.”

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To be clear, there’s nothing saying xQc will be leaving Twitch anytime soon, but as Moistcr1tikal said, the site has been bleeding some big names as of late.

“They have lost, what is it, five of the Top-25 streamers over the last six months?” the streamer added.

xQc might not be the next name to announce a move from Twitch, but if Charlie’s right, there might not be too much to keep him around if he’s considering it.