Valkyrae reveals how YouTube contract tweet landed her in hot water

Valkyrae talking to camera on YouTube streamYouTube: Valkyrae

100 Thieves co-owner Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter revealed that she got in a bit of trouble with YouTube over her tweet about the time left on her contract.

When a streamer signs a contract with a platform – be it Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming – they’re typically given a few things that they have to deliver on.

These things can range from showing a certain number of adverts per stream, keeping a high average count, and even just streaming a set number of hours per month.

With her YouTube contract set to wrap up in early 2022, Valkyrae revealed on December 4 that she still had around 198 hours of streaming time to fulfill on her deal before the new year. Though, she had no ideas of how to fill that remaining time and sought advice from her Twitter followers.

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100 Thieves streamer Valkyrae next to YouTube Gaming logoValkyrae / YouTube
Valkyrae was one of the first big streamers to jump to YouTube.

Well, shortly after that tweet went out, the 100 Thieves co-owner revealed that the post had landed her in a bit of hot water with the platform as they had to have a talk about it.

“I wasn’t even supposed to tweet out what I tweeted,” Rae told Sykkuno as they chatted about the time she had left on the contract. “We already had a conversation! They said I don’t need to delete it because the damage has been done.”

Sykkuno suggested that Rae should go all out and expose other details, though, she wasn’t having it. “I love YouTube, I’m not trying to make things worse for myself!” she added.

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In terms of fulfilling the contract, Sykkuno did have a rather funny suggestion for her. “Just leave your stream on for five hours at a time and you’ll hit the hours easily,” he joked, though, Rae wouldn’t go for it.

Seeing as she’s been hyping up YouTube’s recent signings, many fans would see it as a shock if Rae left YouTube once her current contract is up. However, with all the money being thrown around on streamer deals, who knows what’ll happen.