Disguised Toast explains why he took “trash” Twitch deal after leaving Facebook Gaming

disguised toast trash twitch offerTwitch: DisguisedToast

OfflineTV member Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang explained why he took a “trash” deal with Twitch after ending his contract with Facebook Gaming. 

On November 17, Wang announced that he was leaving Facebook Gaming after being exclusive to the platform for two years.

Fans of Disguised Toast quickly started rumors about the creator moving back to Twitch, which prompted Toast to talk about it during kkatamina’s iconic subathon.

The OfflineTV member announced his return to Twitch just a week later, and now he’s opening up about his contract with the platform.

DisguisedToast streaming on TwitchDisguised Toast
Disguised Toast returned to Twitch after two years exclusively streaming on Facebook Gaming.

Disguised Toast explains “trash” Twitch deal

During his December 5 stream, Toast decided to look up a post on the popular subreddit Livestreamfail that was made when he moved to Facebook gaming two years ago.

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On that post, someone commented: “To me, it sounds like he just went for the big deal, and quits streaming once the contract is done… this is his way out.”

Wang responded: “You’re telling me an LSF user doesn’t know jack s**t about what they’re talking about? Do they just make up these imaginary scenarios?

“I took a f**king trash-a*s deal. No offense Twitch, but your offer was trash and we both know it. I took it though. ”

Toast went on to explain why he decided to take the “trash” deal instead of getting a better one on another platform. He said: “Because I missed streaming to the Twitch community.”

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He also jokingly explained that he “loves attention” and wants to keep streaming.

This isn’t the first time the creator has received a tiny offer from Twitch, as he explained on November 21 that the Amazon-owned platform’s offer is what made him choose Facebook in the first place.