Music fans outraged as Addison Rae makes Barstool’s top singers of all time list

Twitter: Barstool Sports / YouTube: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Music fans across the internet were left outraged after Barstool Sports included TikTok star Addison Rae in their ranking list of the best female singers of all time.

Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s most followed content creators and an online icon, at large.

Boasting a hefty 85 million fans on TikTok, Rae has also branched out into the mainstream by starring in a Netflix film, crafting her own perfume and makeup lines, and, of course, kickstarting a music career.

Addison Rae’s song ‘Obsessed’ released in March 2021, and thus far, she has yet to release any new hits… but that didn’t stop Barstool Sports from cheekily including the internet star in their Top 10 best female singers of all time list.

Addison Rae holding a perfume bottleInstagram: addisonraee
Addison Rae recently unleashed her own fragrance line, marking yet another big step for the TikTok star amid her Item Beauty makeup line and blossoming career as an actress.

Barstool Sports names Addison Rae in Top 10 female singers of all time

The company published their list on November 16, which included greats such as Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston… as well as Ashlee Simpson and, in the number ten slot, Addison Rae.

While such a list is bound to be controversial no matter who is included, it seems the Twitterverse was especially up in arms over the addition of Addison Rae, who, thus far, has only published a single song (one that was met with mixed reviews).


“Aretha Franklin is on this list,” another pointed out. “There’s no way you think Addison Rae is better than Aretha.”

“This list a sin,” another said. “Htf you gonna put Mariah Carey above Whitney and Aretha?! Whitney and Aretha need to be tied at number 1. Jojo, Ashlee Simpson, and Addison Rae do not need to be here.”

It’s clear that the internet isn’t amused by Barstool Sports’ ranking list, which most certainly included a few joke additions in the time-honored tradition of online trolling.

That being said, Rae has teased fans with a full album release in the past, claiming the project would be releasing “super soon” and that it was being produced (at least in part) by Benny Blanco.

However, when slated to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September, Rae notably stepped down from the event, saying she wasn’t ready to “give my fans 110%” — and as her album has yet to come out, it’s unclear where her musical future lies, at present.

For now, it’s clear that she’s got a few more singles to belt out before the internet is ready to accept her in any kind of singers’ ranking list.