Addison Rae says album is coming “super soon” and reveals who is working on it

Connor Bennett
Addison Rae talking to camera on YouTube vlog

TikTok star Addison Rae has teased that her debut album could be coming “soon” and that she’s already got a few features lined up.

The success of TikTok has created a whole host of new social media stars and influencers that have built off massive followings because of their viral videos.

Many of them have taken that success on TikTok and run with it, moving into other areas and having success. That includes Addison Rae who has already dropped songs and been involved with TV shows as a result of her success.

Back in April, the 20-year-old stated that she was finally working on her own album, and while things have been quiet since then, she’s revealed a few more details now.

Addison Rae in front of a sunset
Addison’s career has massively taken off in the last 6 months

While speaking to iHeartRadio, Addison was quizzed about her debut album and she stated that it’s probably going to release sooner than some people might think.

“I am working on an album right now, and hopefully that will be coming out super soon. Sooner than people think,” she told iHeartRadio’s JoJo Wright.

The interviewer pushed her for a few further details and the TikTok star wasn’t afraid to share a few details about who might be helping her. “It definitely is secret, but I’ll say Benny Blanco, that’s all I’ll give!” she added.

When she spoke about it in early April, Addison did say that she didn’t want to rush the album and wanted it to be “special” but it seems she’s further along than some might have thought.

We’ll just have to wait and see if she says when exactly it’ll drop, and who else might have their stamp on it.

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