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TikTok creeped out by viral video of moving fried chicken

Published: 15/Nov/2021 15:40 Updated: 15/Nov/2021 18:07

by Georgina Smith


TikTok users have been well and truly creeped out by a video that appears to show moving fried chicken that’s going viral on the platform, and it turns out that it’s actually some very realistic-looking art.

These days, short-form video platform TikTok is the perfect place to find all kinds of the internet’s most viral content, from dances, to life hacks, and more.

It’s definitely home to the weird and wonderful, and many videos showcasing bizarre phenomena have taken the app by storm, garnering hundreds and thousands of likes. This includes videos of supposed ‘ghosts’ in people’s houses, to freaky PSA-style horror videos.


The latest strange video to do the rounds on the app is so convincing that it actually got some people wondering whether it was real.

The clip in question shows a KFC bucket next to a few pieces of chicken, which appear to move and contort of their own accord. One repost of the video garnered over 700,000 likes and 16 million views.

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@maxverehin #pfk ♬ original sound – Max Verehin

Although the TikTok watermark on the reposted video has been covered up, the original appears to have been posted by artist Max Verehin, who in his Instagram bio describes himself as a “cursed art maker.”

Plenty of people in the comments of the video said they jumped when the chicken moved, not expecting the ordinary item to move in such a realistic way.


Comments about a video of moving fried chicken

Some wondered whether the video was actually real thanks to how realistic it looks, whereas others knew straight away that it was fake thanks to just how impossibly bizarre the footage is.

Many commended the artist on the expertly done video, and it’s continuing to shock more and more people as it spreads across social media, garnering hundreds and thousands of likes.