Madison Beer slams record label for doing “literally nothing” to support her

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Madison Beer hits out at label

Music artist and TikTok star Madison Beer hit out at one of her record labels in a series of now-deleted tweets, claiming that they failed to support her and her career whatsoever.

Madison Beer is both a celebrated social media star and an accomplished singer/songwriter, having made several notable bops like ‘Boy Shit,’ ‘Selfish’ and ‘Baby,’ just to name a few.

However, Beer’s musical career has been met with some dislike from critics, with many comparing her to Ariana Grande and even accusing her of outright copying the ponytailed artist (who happens to have an upcoming collaboration with Fortnite, of all things).

Despite this criticism, Beer has continued her foray into the music biz full steam ahead, and recently released a music video for her latest song ‘Reckless…’ but it seems that she’s been experiencing some frustration in regards to her record labels’ support of the production.

Madison Beer greenscreen
Madison Beer has made quite a few catchy songs – but she claims her label isn’t exactly helping her top the charts.

On August 2, 2021, Beer composed two tweets hitting out at one of her record labels, claiming that they did nothing to promote the ‘Reckless’ music video nor her musical career in general.

“I h8 my l**** so much,” Beer wrote, appearing to imply that the censored word was “label.”

“They do literally NOTHING to support me or promote me or ANYTHING,” she continued in a response to a fan. “I even had to f**kin basically fund the entire ‘Reckless’ video myself cuz they didn’t believe in it at all. I’m over this s**t.”

Madison Beer label tweets
Madison Beer hit out at her label in two now-deleted tweets.

Beer has since deleted the posts from her Twitter account. It’s unclear which label Beer is referring to in her tweets — it appears that the star has been signed to a number of labels during her career, including Epic Records, Island Records, AWAL and First Access Entertainment.

Beer appeared to throw more shade toward her label in another post, quote-retweeting a tweet congratulating her on Reckless’s success.

“Nobody but my fans are the reason for this >

n nobody but my fans are the reason for this

— madison beer (@madisonbeer) August 2, 2021

Beer’s criticism echoes that of YouTuber Corpse Husband, who made similar comments about his Spotify success after noting that the platform never featured him in their curated playlists.

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