Corpse Husband fans dreaming of The Weeknd collab amid new song teasers

Corpse Husband and The WeekndTwitter: Corpse/WikiMedia Commons: Pedro Mora

Corpse Husband fans have been left dreaming about a possible song collab between the YouTuber and music star The Weeknd after the pair have been teasing new music.

When Among Us started taking over the internet in the latter half of 2020, so too did Corpse Husband. The YouTuber, who has yet to reveal his face, has built up a legion of fans who are obsessed with the mystery surrounding him, even though he’s been on YouTube for years.

He actually started out life on the internet reading dark stories and being a part of music groups, and he’s continued developing his musical side as he’s rise up the ranks of YouTube.

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Corpse has smashed major listening milestones on Spotify for his tracks, and recently teased fans with a sample of a new project. Though, it’s his interaction with The Weeknd that’s got some fans excited most.

Corpse Husband Merch restockCorpse Husband
Corpse’s track “EGIRLS RUINED MY LIFE” hit 150,000,000 plays on Spotify

Back on July 28, the Blinding Lights star teased that he had new music soon, tweeting: “anyways ima feed ya’ll soon. pbj for your ears.”

Corpse quickly responded with a slightly unusual “mmmmm.” Even though the reply was completely innocuous, it soon had fans theorizing that a crossover must be in the works.

“Do I smell Collab? MMMMMMMMMMM,” tweeted one fan. “Are we…are we maybe…possibly…getting a collab?? quizzed another. “I smell an upcoming collab somewhere,” added another user.

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Of course, neither Corpse or The Weeknd have said anything either r way, but given that the content creator has teased new music since the tweet, it’s only stoked the rumors.

It’s not the first time fans have asked for a collab either, seeing how successful the ‘Daywalker’ crossover with Machine Gun Kelly was. Corpse recently tweeted his support for the #FreeBritney, which sparked similar calls. But we’ll have to wait and see.