Madison Beer hits back at fans calling her “Wannabe Ariana Grande”

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Madison Beer accused of copying Ariana GrandeInstagram: Madison Beer

TikTok star and singer Madison Beer has hit back at fans after they accused her of trying to copy Ariana Grande in a recent post to Instagram.

On November 19, Madison Beer posted a picture of herself to Instagram sporting a cute half-up half-down, high ponytail, and subsequently faced a number of Ariana Grande fans implying that she was copying the globally famous artist.

One fan posted a picture of Madison alongside a parody of the tracklist for her next album which was a version of Ariana’s “Positions” tracklist, making it out to look like Madison copied her. Another fan commented on the’s picture saying “Ohh thank you, Ariana! No, wait that’s Madison Beer.”

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In an Instagram Live, when asked about fans describing her as an “Ariana Grande Wannabe” she responded asking people not to pit them against each other, expressing that she has her own unique identity separate to the singer.

Madison Beer InstagramInstagram: Madison Beer
Madison Beer said she has her own unique identity separate from Ariana

“I’ve openly supported and loved and been a fan of Ariana for years and years and years, so I think she would say and I would say that she makes things and does things to inspire what an artist is all about. I think that it’s a little sad and hurtful when people are bullying and harassing me and taking away the legitness of anything I do.

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“I don’t think that we’re to be compared and that we’re our own people. She’s definitely inspired me because she’s one of my idols. I love her and it makes me sad when I see people pinning us against each other. I don’t see why there would be a problem with her positively impacting me or anyone else.”


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She finalized with a strong request to Ariana stans saying: “People should stop comparing women and let them all do their thing on their own.”

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After the video was posted, Madison’s own fans echoed her requests online, with one fan writing: “Madison and Ariana are two queens and they both have a completely different style. I hope the comparisons are finished as soon as possible.”

While some members of either fandom are still at war with each other, some appear to have taken Madison’s request on board.

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