Love Island movie night episode explained: When is it happening?

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Love Island movie night is one of the most dramatic games in the series – especially after Casa Amor. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of Season 9’s episode.

Things were given a major shakeup when Casa Amor started up in this season of Love Island, in South Africa. Half of the cast was sent away to a new location, and met with six new singles, while the others saw six new entrants to the original villa.

While many entered the rockiest part of the show’s ride in solid couples, some heads will naturally turn and cracks in the relationships will be exposed as always.

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In one event, the footage is released for all to see.

What is movie night in Love Island?

Movie night is a game played on Love Island, showing a series of short films of the islanders from previous episodes in the series.

In recent seasons, this has exposed some of the boys and girls moving mad in Casa Amor, while their partner is waiting to recouple with them in the other vila.

By the same token, the producers also show sometimes misleading clips to test the strongest of couples, as seen with Luca Bish and Gemma Owen in Season 8.

One of the most dramatic fallout clips of Love Island movie night can be seen below, from Season 8.

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When is movie night Love Island 2023?

Love Island’s movie night never lands on the same specific date from season to season, but in 2023 it will take place in episodes airing on February 22 and 23 — episodes 38 & 39.

After a few episodes covering the fallout of Casa Amor, movie night will test couples yet again by showing them clips from across the series, particularly from the Casa twist.

Who will come out the strongest and weakest? We will have to wait and see.

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