Logan Paul explains his biggest issue with fighting Mike Tyson

Michael Gwilliam
Logan Paul responds to Mike Tyson fight rumors

YouTuber Logan Paul is rumored to be facing off against boxing legend Mike Tyson in February, but the influencer may not be so keen on battling Iron Mike after all.

Logan, along with brother Jake, have taken the boxing world by storm in the past couple of years, going from fighting other celebrities to duking it out with UFC champions, and combat sports icons such as Floyd Mayweather.

Now, fresh off going the distance against Mayweather in an exhibition bout, Logan Paul is reportedly taking on Mike Tyson in February – a fight that neither boxer has confirmed as of yet.

While Tyson himself has said “anything is possible” when asked about the rumors, Logan seemed to be on the fence about if he would even want to step into the ring against the former champ.

Logan Paul responds to Mike Tyson boxing rumors

In an interview with Behind The Gloves’ Michelle Joy Phelps, The Maverick said that while he’s love to be fighting Mike Tyson, doing so would be “hard,” just not in the ways one might expect.

“It’s a legacy thing and I think I’d beat him, I really do,” Paul said. “A lot of people laugh, but I’d f**king beat him. He’s just too old.”

According to Logan, Iron Mike’s age is what worries him and makes a potential victory mean a lot less than if Tyson was still a young man in his prime.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul went the distance against Floyd Mayweather.

“At the same time if you beat up Mike Tyson, a living legend, the narrative is you beat up an old man,” Paul explained.

So far, rumors of the fight are just that and nothing has been confirmed just yet. With Jake Paul squaring off against Tommy Fury in December, it’s possible we get a reveal for a possible Tyson bout sometime after.

That is, of course, if Logan goes ahead with it and could put his reservations over fighting an “old man” behind him. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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