Logan Paul challenges world heavyweight champ Tyson Fury to fight: “I’m gonna take you down”

Image of Logan Paul next to image of Tyson FuryInstagram: gypsyking101 / loganpaul

Logan Paul has challenged heavyweight champion Tyson Fury to a boxing match, claiming he’s “gonna take [him] down” after Jake Paul defeats Tommy Fury.

Following months of challenging each other over the internet, the date for a fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul was finally set for Saturday, December 18.

People are already anticipating what is set to be a huge event, predicting who they think will come out on top — but it’s looking like that might not be the only Fury vs. Paul fight that could be happening in the near future.

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Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury officially announcedTwitter: Jake Paul / SHOWTIME PPV
Tommy and Jake are set to fight on December 18.

In an Instagram story posted on November 10, Jake’s brother Logan challenged Tommy’s brother, and current WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, to a fight of their own.

“Tyson, after my brother knocks your brother out, I’m coming for that ass, I swear to god I’m gonna take you down, I don’t care if I need a f**king tractor,” he said. “Gypsy King will fall.”

Tyson has yet to respond to this callout from the eldest Paul brother, however fans don’t seem to think much of Logan’s chances. Others thought that the YouTuber was simply trolling, and wasn’t actually anticipating setting up a fight.

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With regard to Tommy and Jake’s fight, it has already been revealed that Tyson will be in his brother’s corner for the event, the pair’s father John Fury saying: “Tyson will sort his head out. I’m looking for a Tommy win in explosive fashion.”

However, it’s not yet clear who will manage to defeat the other.

As anticipation for the event builds, many are now wondering whether the paring will eventually lead to a fight between Tyson and Logan, though many appear unconvinced.

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