“Lil” Bryce Hall and “delirious” Austin McBroom roast each other before fight

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TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall and YouTube superstar Austin McBroom are supposed to fight in the ring in June. But the bad blood is already boiling, as the influencers are getting toxic with each other on social media, a month in advance.

When MTV’s series aired its last episode in 2007, many thought the days of public figures throwing claymation hands were over. And they were right. Over a decade later, it’s not clay celebrities smashing clay skulls, it’s real people really fighting over real money. 

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In a world where the virtual blends with the IRL in some sort of symbiotic relationship that ’s writers would adore, social media influencers are keen on beating each other to a pulp. Perfectly reflecting this new arena, TikTok’s Bryce Hall and YouTube’s Austin McBroom continue to fight on Instagram and Twitter, building momentum for their real-world fight next month.

Unsurprisingly, Bryce and Austin’s duel dialogue began back in December 2020 following some pot stirring by Jake Paul. It amplified in March when Bryce denied Austin’s $1 million fight offer, then again when he accepted a $5 million offer days later. Now, a month before their bout at the “YouTubers vs TikTokers” event, the two are getting especially spicy on the timeline.

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To start off the latest wave of Los Angelino banter, McBroom wrote a letter to Bryce on Instagram. Calling the infamous Sway House content creator his “son” and a “lil boy,” McBroom advised his scheduled opponent to stop “stirring up drama” and focus on his training.

This comes days after Hall was filmed beefing with Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey out in public, likely spurring concern on McBroom’s side that Hall wouldn’t be prepared enough for their fight.

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But Bryce didn’t seem to enjoy the ACE Family father’s concern, responding by reposting the story, asking for prayers, and calling the 28-year-old “seriously delusional.” Then he shifted to Twitter for more spice.

Noting steroid rumors following Bryce’s from teenager to bulked-up influencer, Hall asked for a blood test because “this McBum head thinks I’m on steroids.” 

At about 21 years old and under 6’0”, physique and age appear to be central features to these influencers’ trash talk.

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