Bryce Hall responds as Austin McBroom tables $5 million fight offer

Georgina Smith
Austin McBroom and Bryce all in their YouTube videos
YouTube: Austin McBroom / Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall has responded on his Instagram story to a $5 million fight offer put forward by ACE Family vlogger Austin McBroom, who has been keen to arrange an event with the TikTok star.

While some social media stars like Jake Paul have set their sights on the professional boxing game, some creators want to follow the tradition of YouTube boxing by fighting fellow influencers.

Plenty have thrown out the idea of fighting someone from the YouTube or TikTok community, but none have been quite so committed as Austin McBroom from the ACE Family. He has previously challenged TikTok star Bryce Hall to fight on multiple occasions, but each time Bryce has declined the offer.

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Instagram: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall is a TikTok star with over 19 million followers.

The TikToker even posted a series of texts that he had exchanged with the Austin, in which the family vlogger said,  “I pay my cleaning lady more than you make in a year. Come get this smoke,” with Bryce replying, “you’re 30 bro, you’re acting like a highschooler rn.”

While Austin said that he would take less money and give Bryce an extra $1 million if he won, the 21-year-old didn’t seem to be interested.

But that seems to have changed after McBroom and his team readjusted their offer. On March 15, Bryce posted an image of printed text which said that talent would be paid $5 million to participate in the fight. He captioned the photo: “now we’re talking… @austinmcbroom you FINALLY got my attention.”

Bryce Hall responds to AUstin McBroom's fight offer

The huge sum of money clearly seems to have tempted Bryce, and it’s looking increasingly likely that a fight could actually happen between the two creators.

Speaking to Hollywood Fix, Austin said that he “also agreed for Bryce to make more money than me,” going on to say, “I told the team, I said look, I’ll agree, for Bryce Hall to fight me, I’ll agree to make less money than him.” However, he also stressed that he doesn’t need “clout” from Bryce, saying: “who needs clout, bro?”

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In a March 15 paparazzi interview, Bryce Hall claimed he would officially accept McBroom’s fight offer, stating that he would receive $5 million flat for participating and a $1 million winning bonus.

“I am accepting it,” Bryce said. “He met my requirements. He doesn’t know what he just signed up for,” Bryce said.

McBroom also claimed that their potential fight might be part of a bigger event dubbed “YouTubers vs TikTokers,” with several high-profile names purportedly involved like Tayler Holder, Deji, and even FaZe Jarvis.

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait as this lengthy beef finally comes to fruition in a way no one expected.