Bryce Hall shows off never-before-seen Playlist Live brawl footage

Bryce Hall reveals playlist live fight footageYouTube: Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall is known for his self-described “party animal” lifestyle — but no one was ready for the jaw-dropping footage he shared of a brawl he took part in at Playlist Live.

Bryce Hall is one of TikTok’s biggest stars, who has since made quite a name for himself on YouTube due to his outrageous pranks and high-energy videos with his buddies from the Sway House.

However, Hall is also known for being somewhat of a trouble maker, having gotten into brushes with the law for his packed parties — but he’s also no stranger to getting into the occasional scuffle, as seen in his viral fight from October 2020.

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That isn’t the only time he’s thrown a few punches, though, as Hall revealed some never-before-seen footage of himself getting into a brawl with another person at Playlist Live during a March 25 episode of the BFF’s podcast.

According to fellow TikToker Josh Richards, the group had been throwing a party at Hall’s AirBnB when a random bystander jumped onto the counter that they were standing on before “pushing” Hall in an aggressive manner.

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This led Hall to yell out a challenge toward whoever had pushed him, in a joking tone — but the alleged aggressor didn’t seem to take it that way, which resulted in their eventual scuffle outside.

In the video, Hall can be seen grappling with the person before picking him up by the waist and slamming him down on the driveway, just in front of a black SUV. Hall then gets on top of the man and repeatedly throws punches, slinging insults all the way, before the video cuts off.

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(Video starts at 0:36)

According to Hall and Richards, the two had actually tried to talk out their issues with the man before things got physical, with the purported aggressor “body slamming” Bryce to the ground before they could have their discussion.

“I’m confident,” Hall explained. “Like, in almost everything that I do. That’s just my vibe, and I feel like people always tell people to be confident, but then wen someone’s confident, they’re like, ‘*** you, you’re too confident!’”

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According to the TikTokers, Playlist Live has since banned Hall from their event — but the footage remains as a testament to the jaw-dropping brawl he had before getting the boot.

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