Bryce Hall & Tayler Holder confront Stromedy in public after $100k fight challenge - Dexerto

Bryce Hall & Tayler Holder confront Stromedy in public after $100k fight challenge

Published: 28/Mar/2021 13:45

by Georgina Smith


TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder have confronted Stromedy at a restaurant after the YouTuber issued Tayler a $100,000 fight offer.

Thanks to the success of the influencer boxing industry, countless creators are looking to get involved in any way they can. With the announcement of the YouTube vs TikTokers event featuring Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom, plenty of creators from the contrasting platforms are looking to challenge each other as part of the highly anticipated event.

One such YouTuber is Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey, who has recently been trying to get TikToker Tayler Holder to fight him as part of YouTuber vs TikTokers, offering a whopping $100,000. Tayler is set to fight a creator picked by fans, so many are curious to see who he’ll end up in the ring with.


Stromedy has uploaded several videos to Instagram in which he insults the TikTok star, showing him throwing punches and wearing a clown wig, among other things. He even released a diss track about TikTokers.


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But on March 28, Tayler and fellow Sway House member Bryce Hall decided to confront the YouTuber about the offer in person after they spotted him in BOA Steakhouse.

Bryce said, “I just need to hear it in person. I saw you challenging Tayler, are you being serious?,” to which Kyle responded, “yeah, I’m being serious.”

The YouTuber then offered Tayler cash, saying, “here, I owe you $99,900.” Tayler told him to “keep it,” with Bryce responding, “trust me, we don’t need the money.”


Bryce joked, “we’re here to help smaller creators like yourself,” with Kyle immediately jumping in to say, “I get more views than you, I get more views than you on my second channel, bro!”

After Bryce said he was down to step into a ring with Stromedy, the TikTokers were quickly ushered away by security.

Whether Tayler actually ends up fighting Kyle remains to be seen, but this interaction potentially will have given fans an idea of who they might want to see in the ring together.