KSI says Austin McBroom is just a “stepping stone” for Floyd Mayweather or Jake Paul fight

Virginia Glaze
KSI says austin mcbroom is a stepping stone to jake paul

YouTube star, music artist and boxer KSI has teased the possibility of a bout with Floyd Mayweather after taking on Austin McBroom — a rival he called a “stepping stone” to bigger prospects.

Influencer boxing has taken over the online world, and it doesn’t look like the trend will be slowing down anytime soon. In wake of the YouTubers vs TikTokers event in June,  McBroom — who defeated opponent Bryce Hall — notably called out KSI for a potential matchup, which the British star accepted with a fiery reply.

However, the ACE Family patriarch has been chirping up a storm since his initial callout, stating in a subsequent interview with paparazzi that KSI should “really learn how to box.”

KSI hit back at McBroom in a YouTube video a week later, stating that his American rival is merely a means to an end — that end being a bout with Jake Paul, who has been calling out the ‘Down Like That’ artist for some time now.

“This guy thinks it’s gonna be a ‘great match,’ for him,” he clapped back at McBroom. “For me! Bro, I’m going to obliterate you! What are you talking about? I’m literally using you as a stepping stone for Jake!”

“You’re a stepping stone, bro,” he continued. “I need you as a warmup. I need a warmup to get back into the swing of things! It’s been awhile since I’ve felt connected to a YouTuber with my fists! So I wanna get back into the swing of things, and then boom, Jake Paul.”


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That’s not all; KSI also teased a possible future bout with Floyd Maywather, who took on Logan Paul in June for an exhibition match — although, for now, the idea is still just a concept in KSI’s grand plans.

“You never know, I could be fighting Mayweather as well,” he mused. “Bro, it’s all mad. I mean, if Logan could fight Mayweather, f** it, why can’t I? You now what I mean? Like, why not? You only live once. F**k it!”

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While KSI has claimed that his music career is currently keeping him incredibly busy, it looks like the British YouTube star is finally turning his focus back onto combat sports, leaving fans anxious to see him throw down with his fellow content creators sometime soon.