KSI makes his “final” fight offer to Jake Paul with one demand

Shay Robson
KSI over Misfits Boxing ring

British YouTube star KSI has made his last offer to long-time rival Jake Paul for the two to finally settle their beef in the ring.

The two internet titans have failed to agree on fight terms numerous times over the last half-decade. But, now in a YouTube video on June 8, KSI has given his rival a final offer for them to go blow-for-blow.

“Jake I’m going to be making you my final offer. May 2025, just so you have all the time in the world to be ready,” he said

While KSI has always demanded for the fight to be held in the UK, the Prime co-founder explained he’s even willing to fight in the US just to make it happen. However, his one condition is that the fight is held at 185lbs.

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KSI added: “You know what Jake? I’m tired of this bullsh*t. Get off the cycle, and let’s make this work. We both have weight to lose, and we both have plenty of time to do it. 185lbs is my final offer. Take it, or leave it.”

Fans have waited years to see KSI and Jake Paul clash in the ring, with their beef going all the way back to 2018. However, several years later, we still haven’t seen the two go blow-for-blow. This is despite both YouTube stars promising fans a fight before the end of 2023.

Recently, their feud has sparked up once again after Jake Paul’s fight with boxing legend Mike Tyson was postponed. While fans called for KSI to step up for their ultimate clash, he shot down the idea of fighting in July as he’s already gearing up for a bout in August.

It appeared KSI would be stepping into the ring with retired boxing world champion Amir Khan in his next bout. However, in the same video, the YouTuber challenged both Slim Albaher and Anthony Taylor to a 2v1 handicap tag-team match for his return.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul has confirmed that he’ll still be touching gloves with the sports’ greatest, with his fight with Mike Tyson rescheduled to November 15.