KSI wants to fight Jake Paul “this year” as boxing match looks more likely than ever

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KSI has slammed Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

Misfits promoter Kalle Sauerland claims KSI is hoping to face off with Jake Paul “this year” after years of beef between the two influencer-boxers.

There are no two bigger rivals in the world of influencer-boxing than YouTube stars KSI and Jake Paul.

Following KSI’s victory over Logan in their 2018 rematch, Jake has been vying for a chance at getting revenge for his big brother… and KSI has made no bones about his dislike for his business partner’s little sibling.

The two have been feuding online for years, making offers and posturing via social media. However, nothing concrete has ever come about, with both creators accusing the other of “ducking” a match.

Jake Paul and KSI in a boxing ring
KSI and Jake Paul have been linked for years, but no official date has ever been set in stone for their fight.

Now things are looking more likely than ever, as per a statement from a source close to KSI.

KSI wants to box Jake Paul in 2024

Despite KSI’s claims of retiring in 2024, he’s intent on getting back in the ring this year — and Misfits Boxing promoter Kalle Sauerland says he’s got his sights set on Jake.

“[Slim] is always calling out KSI, of course, who’s back in the gym and working out,” Sauerland said in a February 26 interview with Fred Talks Fighting. “He’s made it very public he wants Jake Paul this year.”

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While Sauerland’s comment was quite vague and could have been referencing Slim (who has notably called out KSI on his YouTube channel over the past few months), Fred Talks Fighting retweeted a post from Happy Punch saying KSI was hoping to face off with Jake in 2024.

That’s not all; Sauerland even says that he wants the two to face off in the Las Vegas Sphere for a true spectacle — a venue that seats over 17,000 people.

For now, it’s still unclear if these two will ever actually fight, given that they’ve had beef for years with nothing to show for it.

At the moment, Jake is gearing up for his next fight against former Gold Gloves champion Ryan Bourland on March 2 in his quest for boxing world domination.

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