Kai Cenat teases new song with IShowSpeed

Kai Cenat making song with iShowSpeedYouTube: Kai Cenat Live, IShowSpeed

Twitch star Kai Cenat has teased his new upcoming song with fellow streamer IShowSpeed, and even gave a release date for their track.

Kai Cenat is one of Twitch’s most prominent streamers, who took home the award for Streamer of the Year at the 2023 Streamer Awards.

He also broke Ludwig’s and Ninja’s all-time subscriber records after his viral subathon in February and even received a gift from Twitch in recognition of his efforts.

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However, the broadcaster received a sudden, seven-day ban from Twitch earlier this month. His channel was finally reinstated this Monday, April 24… but it looks like he wasn’t spending his suspension relaxing in preparation for his comeback.

Kai Cenat is making a song with IShowSpeed

Instead, it seems as though the Twitch star was busy making a beat with banned Twitch streamer IShowSpeed. Since his ban, Speed has become a veritable phenomenon on YouTube, where he reigned as one of the most-watched broadcasters of 2022.

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Kai dropped this news in an Instagram live stream on April 26 alongside Speed. At first, it looked as though the two stars were speaking from their separate homes — but the two quickly appeared in the same frame together, showing that they’d been collabing in person.

The two then revealed they’d been working on a song together, and they gave viewers a sneak peek of the track using a massive stereo. Judging by the small snippet played in the stream, Kai and Speed have sampled the Baha Men’s 2000’s classic, ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’

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Of course, this prompted Speed to start barking during the chorus — something that’s become a regular ‘thing’ of his over the course of his career.

When does Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed’s song drop?

The streamers claimed that their forthcoming song drops tomorrow, April 27 at 3 PM ET / 12 PM PST, presumably on their YouTube channels as a music video.

Although it’s difficult to make out the lyrics from the sample they shared, fans are extremely curious to see if the song has any harsh words for Twitch after his sudden ban — as well as the site’s ‘gift’ of custom sneakers due to his subathon instead of an exclusive contract.

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