Kai Cenat breaks all-time Twitch sub count record by overtaking Ludwig’s subathon

KaiCenatYouTube: Kai Cenat Live

Kai Cenat has finally trumped Ludwig’s long-held Twitch subscriber record, after surpassing 283,000 concurrent subs on his channel during his February subathon.

Ludwig’s historic subathon set a very high bar in April 2021, when he clocked in exactly 283,066 subscribers.

Although it was expected to be beaten at some point, no one at the time would have expected the eventual new holder of the record to be Kai Cenat – he averaged only 5,000 viewers in April 2021.

But, in 2023, his viewership is more than ten times as high, averaging over 50,000, and his subathon in February has been chasing the record the whole time.

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Kai Cenat subathon beats out Ludwig’s Twitch record

On his way to the all-time record, Cenat passed Ninja, who achieved a whopping 269,000 subs in 2018 – and this was achieved without a subathon. Back then, a sub count over 100,000 was unheard of, never mind over 200,000.

Ludwig made subathons incredibly popular, and combined with ‘whale’ viewers who will gift thousands of subs, as well as reduced sub costs in certain regions, it was a matter of time until the record was broken.

On Tuesday, February 28, Kai Cenat surpassed 284,000 subscribers, setting the new record.

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The internet is abuzz with the news of Kai’s accomplishment, and even Twitch chimed in to congratulate the streamer for his record-breaking achievement.

His subathon is due to end soon though, as like Ludwig’s, it is capped at 30 days.

Kai’s sub count is likely to continue growing for now though, before it will likely plummet sharply as many of the gifted subs begin to expire – they last for a month.

It remains to be seen if he will be able to crack the 300,000 mark, which is no doubt the next target.

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