Kai Cenat purposely gets attacked by dogs in Twitch subathon twist

Kai Cenat Dog AttackTwitch: Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat surprised viewers with a twist to his month-long subathon, bringing in professional dog trainers so he could get attacked on stream.

Over the last year, Kai Cenat’s proven that he can hang with some of the best across Twitch. He’s done it so well, that he even spent some time as the platform’s most subscribed creator.

He has surprised fans with streams featuring rapper Lil Baby and others featuring a variety of different content. During his month-long subathon, Kai invited professional dog trainers to his stream.

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But they weren’t just there to show off the dogs, they were there to let the pets attack Kai. Safely, of course.

Kai Cenat purposely gets attacked by dogs on Twitch

On February 7, 2023, day 6 of Kai Cenat’s ‘Mafiathon,’ the streamer introduced two dog trainers onto the stream along with their trained German Shepard and Pit Bull attack dogs.

One of the trainers patiently showed the Twitch star how to get ready for the attack safely, giving him a helmet and a protective suit before showing him how to incite the dog’s attack.

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Just minutes later, a very nervous Kai Cenat was attacked by the German Shepard that pulled him down to the ground just before the trainers allowed the second dog to bite him.

But it didn’t stop there, as Twitch chat blew up with reactions from over 70,000 viewers — Kai purposely got attacked by the dogs again.

He finally decided that he had enough, took off the jacket and the trainers escorted the dogs outside of his room.

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Kai’s decision to double up on dog attacks has to be one of the more interesting things this writer has seen during a subathon recently, holding its own right beside Ludwig trapping himself inside a box for over 2 days.

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