Kai Cenat confused after Twitch sends pair of sneakers instead of contract

kai cenat with twitch shoe boxTwitch: kaicenat

Twitch congratulated Kai Cenat with a pair of custom shoes for breaking records on their platform, much to the confusion of the superstar streamer.

Kai Cenat has quickly become the superstar of the streaming world. Receiving Streamer of the Year in 2022, he’s seen meteoric growth throughout the previous year. He even holds the current record for the highest all-time subscriber count on Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch, beating out Ludwig and Ninja’s previous record during his subathon earlier this year.

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Cenat has quickly cemented himself as one of the most influential figures streaming on Twitch, raking in mass viewership and being one of the reasons viewers head to the platform. Kai’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by Twitch, however, who recently sent him a mysterious package that he was happy to open on stream.

Unfortunately for Twitch, the package seemed to bring more confusion than joy to the streamer. Kai was visually excited for the package received from Twitch, stating on stream before opening it, “it better be a f***ing contract”. However, it was clear that Kai wasn’t expected what he received, bringing up a shoe box to show his viewers.

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Kai proceeded to open up the shoebox and read the message to him from Twitch. “Congratulations Kai on your huge accomplishment. We are so proud of you, Laura, Anna, and all of your friends at Twitch.” At this point Kai seemed almost concerned whilst opening the package, hoping there was something good inside. “Please be some boss sh**.” he expressed to his viewers.

Kai Cenat stunned after opening pair of shoes sent by Twitch

The streamer was almost stunned as he pulled the shoes out of the box. Looking at the camera with his mouth open, Kai kneeled there, almost dumbfounded by what he was holding in his hands, darting between the shoe and then the camera. The sneakers themselves were embellished with plenty of writing, as well as their logo and their signature purple.

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Finally, after a brief moment of silence, Kai laughingly exclaimed “what the f***”. He proceeded to joke by stating “it’s giving…” and proceeded to play the song “Shake It Up”.

It appears that his Twitch viewers weren’t too happy. Some exclaimed that the pair of sneakers was ugly, or that Twitch was low-key racist for sending them to Kai. Some even went so far as to call them, “Justin Bieber a** shoes”.

Many are wondering about Kai receiving a contract from Twitch. However, it seems the streaming giant isn’t quite ready to give the streamer what he deserves.

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