MrBeast hangs up on iShowSpeed after FaceTime call gets strange

IShowSpeed and MrBeast facetime call ends in hilarious wayYouTube: Speedy Boykins

YouTube stars MrBeast and iShowSpeed got together for an unexpected FaceTime call — but MrBeast bounced after things got a bit wild.

iShowSpeed dominated the competition at the recent Sidemen Charity football match in September, thoroughly trouncing rival YouTuber KSI in spite of a close loss for his team, the All-Stars.

Both he and fellow creator MrBeast participated in the massive event, which saw a total of 34 influencers raise £1 million for charity.

Since then, it looks like the two YouTubers have become somewhat close… at least, close enough to warrant a FaceTime call between them.

iShowSpeed and MrBeast at Sidemen Charity matchInstagram: ishowspeed

Speed connected with MrBeast in a brief call during one of his recent live streams — but things didn’t go according to many fans’ expectations.

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MrBeast & iShowSpeed FaceTime call ends in hilarious way

At first, the two began a regular conversation, asking each other how they were doing. However, Speed quickly started up with his usual antics, moving his mouth without making any sounds as though to trick MrBeast into thinking they were experiencing technical difficulties.

Unfortunately for Speed, MrBeast didn’t fall for the prank, noticing that he could still hear noise in the background. That’s when Speed started randomly barking at MrBeast, sparking some hilarious reactions from his chat.

MrBeast stayed on the line until Speed was done barking before hitting him with: “Speed, are you just mad you didn’t win the jet?”

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The YouTube celebrity left his buddy with that comment and promptly ended the call, sparking a humorous, joking tirade from the other influencer.

“He just hung up!” Speed shouted. “Hey MrBeast, hey bruh! Watch when I see him, dog. Watch when I see him, bro!”

MrBeast is known for giving away luxury items like cars and even private islands — so it’s not a stretch for him to tease his friend about missing out on one of his famous giveaways.

It’s unclear if we’ll see these two in a video sometime soon, but considering that MrBeast has asked Dream to guest star in future uploads, there’s no telling who he’ll ask to join in the future.

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