Kai Cenat beats Ninja’s Twitch subsciber record amid historic subathon

kai cenat on streamTwitch: kaicenat

Kai Cenat has overtaken Ninja’s second-place Twitch subscriber record on the platform during his own historic subathon, beating out Ninja’s 269,000 concurrent subscribers.

Kai Cenat has seen some of the biggest growth on Twitch throughout 2022 and 2023. His meteoric rise has seen him gain massive popularity among online as he’s become arguably one of the top streamers on the platform at the moment, even being nominated for Streamer of the Year.

Recently, Kai began a subathon to last throughout the month February. As expected, this has resulted in a massive gain in subscribers for the variety streamer. Now 27 days in, having already made history, the momentum isn’t slowing down one bit.

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Kai has now broken Ninja’s record for the second highest all-time Twitch subscriber count. This makes Kai the owner of the second most subscribed Twitch channel of all time, just under Ludwig’s currently held record.

Ninja originally set his record back in April of 2018. This was during the height of Fortnite’s popularity, where he was able to gain 269,154 subscribers in total. However, Ninja’s record was beaten by Ludwig during his iconic subathon in April of 2021, 3 years after.

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Kai has since cleared Ninja, attaining more than Ninja’s record as of February 27, and still climbing. He currently holds the title as the second most subscribed channel on Twitch, however, he’s still looking to dominate the competition, aiming for the top spot with just a few days left in his subathon.

kai cenatInstagram: kaicenat
Kai Cenat is looking to hold the record for most Twitch subs on the platform before his subathon is over.

With Ludwig holding the all-time record on the platform at 283,066 Twitch subscribers, Kai still has his work cut out for him, requiring at least another 13,000 subs at the time of writing. With his subathon set to wind down on March 2, time is running out but a final push could get him over the edge.

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We’ll be sure to update you here with all the latest should Kai reach the goal and become the most-subscribed streamer in Twitch history.

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