Twitch permabans YouTuber IShowSpeed after sexist outburst on Adin Ross stream

Andrew Amos
IShowSpeed on YouTube stream wearing white shirt

YouTube star IShowSpeed, who has nearly 3 million subscribers on the platform, has been banned from Twitch after a sexist outburst on Adin Ross’ stream. While the star doesn’t stream on the platform, he won’t be able to appear on anyone else’s broadcasts.

IShowSpeed has catapulted up the YouTube ranks in 2021, going from a few thousand subscribers to 3 million across the year.

A variety streamer on the platform, he has become popular ⁠for his “way to do things”, although that has caught him in controversy on Twitch after he went on a sexist outburst while on Adin Ross’ stream.

On Ross’ show “E-Date”, IShowSpeed was paired up with influencer Ash Kash to go on the date. However, things quickly got out of hand, with IShowSpeed allegedly threatening to sexually assault her.

In one clip, Speed asked Ash “say if we were the last two people on Earth, and we had to reproduce to make the world continue, would you reproduce with me?”

“No, because that would mean our kids would have to intertwine,” Ash stated.

Speed then replied “who [is] gonna stop me? You’re not stopping me.”

Adin Ross stepped in, but Twitch didn’t take his guest’s comments lightly. Twitch handed down a permanent ban to IShowSpeed for “sexual coercion or intimidation”. The suspension will only be lifted after a successful appeal.

The VOD of the show has also been deleted from Adin Ross’ channel.

Twitch’s community guidelines prohibits “sexual assault…or content that encourages or promotes it”. Serious offences, the platform states, “may be reported to law enforcement.”

The YouTube star shared details of the ban with a simple one-word response on Twitter: “Bye”.

It was also not the first time IShowSpeed ⁠— who is reportedly 16 ⁠— has appeared on Adin Ross’ “E-Date” show. He was a guest on the broadcast as recently as December 4.

IShowSpeed’s YouTube channel is still public following the outburst.

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