Kai Cenat slams xQc for “glazing” Drake amid Kendrick Lamar feud

Molly Byrne
Kai cenat and xqc

Kai Cenat slammed xQc for supporting Drake more than Kendrick Lamar amidst the two artists’ rap feud and even said he wasn’t being biased, despite fans thinking otherwise.

While rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar continue their feud by releasing back-to-back diss tracks, streamers like Kai Cenat and xQc have revved up a beef amongst themselves over their reactions to the ongoing rap battle.

On May 4, Twitch streamer xQc posted his opinion on X by saying “Drake cooked,” calling Kendrick’s “lame and boring” songs a “snoozefest.”

Kai Cenat then slammed xQc during a follow-up stream where he called him out for “glazing” Drake, saying he’s prioritizing his support for the ‘Family Matters’ rapper and being biased.

“I just seen you tweet out two days ago of you glazing Drake,” Kai exclaimed. xQc then responded to Kai’s comments about his support for Drake.

As xQc highlighted Kai’s previous remarks on a green screen, the streamer laughed it off. “You guys missed the point last time. I’m not going to reiterate, it’s fine,” he said as he played one of Kendrick’s diss tracks.

Kai also emphasized how he didn’t think he was being biased during the rap feud, despite those in his chat disagreeing. “I been unbiased this whole time. I bump Drake and I’m cool with Drake, but I literally been saying K Dot is cooking right now,” Kai said.

Kai even had his name dropped in Drake’s diss track ‘Push Ups’: “Beggin Kai Cenat, boy, you not f**kin’ beatin’ us.”

Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Kai’s fans think he favors the rapper over Kendrick… Especially after his exaggerated response. “Rewind the tune! I like this! I like this bruh! Oh my gosh, we got motion.”

This isn’t the first time the two streamers have disagreed, though. In May 2023, xQc accused Kai of stealing his camping idea during streams. And just two months later, xQc brutally roasted Kai after a fan encounter went wrong. 

Though their relationship seems to be distant, the two streamers continue to be some of the most popular personalities on Twitch, much like Drake and Kendrick being the biggest names in music.