Jidion kicked out of TwitchCon EU in light of permanent ban

Zackerie Fairfax

Banned Twitch streamer Jidion was kicked out of TwitchCon EU, with convention security confiscating his badge while he was live on Instagram.

Jidion has been the center of a number of controversies spanning the last six months. His name started to appear in headlines after he sent his viewers to Pokimane’s channel in what is commonly referred to as a “hate raid”.

Twitch swiftly issued a permanent ban on Jidion’s channel due to the harassment, but he and Pokimane would later collab and squash any beef the two had. But that wouldn’t be the last time the streamer would be in the news for extreme actions.

He was later kicked out of a furry convention for “making people uncomfortable” and would receive a lifetime Wimbledom ban for trolling during a soccer match. Jidion has turned all of these outrageous stunts into content for his YouTube channel.

jidion banned from twitch
Jidion was permanently banned from Twitch after sending his viewers to harass Pokimane.

Jidion kicked from TwitchCon

On July 17, Jidion went live on Instagram to deliver the news that he had been kicked out of TwitchCon EU 2022 which took place over the weekend of the 16th. And of course, he promised his fans a “banger video” of the event.

“Been here for four hours,” Jidion claimed standing outside of the venue. “They literally kicked us out right when we were leaving. Brodie took my badge and everything, but it’s all good though. We got in, got a banger video…”

An employee working the event then came out of the building and requested that Jidion’s friend also hand over his badge. When asked why, the employee stated, “They’re revoking your access as well because of violation of the rules.”

Jidion asked if his friend could keep the badge if they left the property, but the employee was adamant about getting the badge and followed the holder for a bit before they reluctantly handed it over.

“Twitch! Bring your boy back!” Jidion shouted as he walked away from the venue. “I’m not done! Imma see you all in San Diego! Twitch, you need to step up your security. I caught you lackin’.”


And so it seems TwitchCon 2022 hasn’t seen the last of Jidion, or so he hopes. No footage of Jidion inside the event has been posted, but if his video is anything like his previous stunts, it’s sure to be an interesting watch.

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