JiDion gets lifetime Wimbledon ban after trolling during Djokovic v Sinner match

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Popular streamer and influencer Jidon Adams received an unprecedented lifetime ban from Wimbledon due to his antics.

JiDion is known around the internet for his wild IRL streams and wacky antics. More often than not, though, this has gotten him in quite a bit of trouble.

Most infamous for a “hate raid” of fellow streamer Pokimane that resulted in his permanent ban from Twitch, JiDion is no stranger to being banned from spaces. This isn’t just limited to online bans, either, as JiDion was also physically removed from a furry convention a few months ago for “making people uncomfortable.”

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Perhaps none of his bans, however, were quite as prominent as his most recent lifetime ban.

JiDion gets banned from Wimbledon

Recently, JiDion was attending the Wimbledon 2022 quarter-final match between Novak Djokavic and Jannik Sinner. Although Djokovic ended up winning the match in a spectacular comeback, JiDion was clearly pulling for Italian Jannik Sinner.

After Sinner won a point, the crowd cheered and the cameras focused on the YouTuber. JiDion was seen pounding his chest before a security officer stepped in to have a chat with him.

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The cameras cut away, but later that day JiDion let his fans know that he had, in fact, been banned from Wimbledon.

On a livestream, JiDion revealed that he wanted to attend Wimbledon as a fan of tennis, but is now “banned for life.”

It’s unclear why exactly JiDion was banned from Wimbledon, although the streamer did say it had nothing to do with the air horn he had tried to bring to the match.

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JiDion has a reputation for pulling stunts like these at professional sports games, as he once went viral for getting his haircut while sitting on the sidelines of an NBA game. It was these types of stunts that attracted the attention of KSI and Logan Paul, who made him the first member of their new organization, Prime Squad.

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