Pokimane forced to end Twitch stream after “hate raid” from Jidion

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys cut her January 12 broadcast short after a wave of hate viewers and harassment came her way from another streamer called Jidion, who was promptly banned on Twitch after the incident.

Pokimane was streaming Valorant with fellow star streamers Valkyrae, QuarterJade, and others when she noticed a new, loud wave of viewers in her chat who were spamming the message “L + RATIO”.

The new viewers also signaled to the person who sent them, YouTuber and Twitch streamer Jidion.

“Do you guys think that’s another streamer? Or just bots? Who is Jidion? Sent people to my stream to spam… That’s embarrassing, if you get banned I’m not gonna be sad.”

A dejected Pokimane then announced she was ending her stream prematurely.

“I think I’m going to end stream, because as much as I can deal with this, I don’t like that people from his stream are whispering people on my stream. I’ll put up with the bulls**t but I don’t want you guys to put up with the bulls**t, ok?”

She had only been live for one hour when the broadcast ended.

The streamer who had sent the viewers to harass Poki and her fans, Jidionpremium, had just been verified by Twitch on January 11.

Since then, he’s been banned by the platform for 14 days. Jidion proceeded to change his profile picture to be of Pokimane herself, continuing his targeted campaign.

Fellow Twitch star Mizkif shared a heartfelt message about the hate that Poki has to put up with.

He said: “Sad how Pokimane still has to deal with misogyny and harassment in 2022. And it’s even more sad how I have to say this publicly because people are afraid to stand up and say she’s being treated poorly because they’ll be called a ‘simp.'”

Afterward, Poki tweeted about her frustrations at fellow streamers: “It baffles me when other streamers don’t stand up against blatant harassment or misogyny…”

pokimane tweet Pokimane has since protected her Twitter account and hasn’t said anything further about the situation.

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