Twitch CEO reveals why Adin Ross was kicked out of TwitchCon

Meera Jacka
Twitch CEO reveals why Adin Ross was kicked out of TwitchCon

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy has revealed during one of his live streams the real reason why Adin Ross was kicked out of TwitchCon.

TwitchCon 2023 saw popular content creators and fans travel to Las Vegas to celebrate the streaming platform.

But the event did not go down without any drama; Adin Ross was kicked out after “crashing” TwitchCon with an entourage of smaller creators. The group was sporting Kick t-shirts at the time — merch from Twitch’s biggest competitor — leading many to believe this may have been the reason.

Now Twitch CEO Dan Clancy is clearing up any confusion, revealing during his most recent livestream the real reason that Ross and his group were removed.

Promising to answer questions from the chat, the first person to grab Clancy’s attention asked; “To provide context, during Twitchcon, [four] individuals purchased TwitchCon tickets wearing T-shirts of a competitor platform. After they were asked by Twitch personnel to leave, their accounts were banned on Twitch. What is your response on this if you have one?”

Without skipping a beat, Clancy responded, “It had nothing to do with their t-shirts. Actually, there were a lot of folks inside that had Kick T-shirts — for those who didn’t notice, I ran into someone on the street [and] high-fived him.”

Instead, Clancy explained that the group was kicked out because “They fraudulently obtained the tickets,” something that goes against Twitch’s policies.

“If you’re permanently banned then you can’t get a ticket so they used false accounts,” Clancy said. “That’s part of the agreement when you get the tickets, that you’re not going to be falsely identifying yourself.”

Ross has since responded, denying Clancy’s claim that the T-shirts had nothing to do with the group being kicked out of the event. Ross also questioned why the entire group would have their accounts banned for fraudulently obtaining tickets when some members were in fact partners with Twitch at the time.

However, viewers of Clancy’s stream expressed gratitude for the CEO’s involvement with the community, one person writing in the chat, “Appreciate you being transparent and doing this stream!” Another said, “Makes sense. Thank you for clarifying this Dan! Some people are just really emotional when it comes to other streamers.”

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