JiDion escorted out of furry convention after being accused of “making people uncomfortable”

. 2 months ago
YouTube: JiDion

JiDion had his registration for Furry Weekend Atlanta cancelled and was escorted out of the building by security after attending the 2022 convention.

Jidion ‘JiDion’ Adams’ turnaround as a content creator after the hate-raids directed at Pokimane has led the content creator into an explorative series of blogs focusing on various communities.

JiDion’s most recent video had him attending Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022, engaging with the participants, getting himself into a racoon mask, and causing the smallest ruckus before being removed.

Being asked to tone down his vlogging during the event, an organiser named ‘Mustang’ stepped up to JiDion with a request to stop filming as “people are uncomfortable.”

YouTube: JiDion
JiDion hired a professional make up artist to transform him into a racoon for the event.

Shortly after the first interaction with Mustang, the organiser returned to inform JiDion and his crew: “You guys are gone. Your registration for Furry Weekend has been cancelled. I’m handing you to hotel security.”

Though the video features JiDion starting conversations with other attendees, there’s limited amounts to go off as to what specifically got the YouTuber removed from the event. Looking into the policies of Furry Weekend Atlanta, there’s a specific section detailing the rules surrounding vlogging.

“Video blogging, sometimes referred to as vlogs, of snippets or your entire experience at Furry Weekend Atlanta for personal use are allowed. However, some of this content can be very disruptive to other attendees, and large productions are not allowed,” the policy reads.

“In other words, if you are using multiple devices and/or people to record audio, video, and photographs, you are crossing into territory that falls under our Press and Media Activities Policies.”

With the initial switch to iPhone and the nature of JiDion’s direct interview style, the breaking of the above policy may have been what caused his removal from the event. Though JiDion was left perplexed on the outside of the show floor, claiming “I don’t know why I got kicked out.”

There’s also potential that an irate man locked in a staircase for 15 minutes made a complaint about JiDion after accusing the YouTuber of taking photos of him before declaring: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m a little stressed out”

As the video only tells JiDion’s side of the story, it’s also entirely possible that there was another large-scale disruption that caused the ejection. But in a tweet about the removal on May 7, the YouTuber refused to elaborate. Should further details about why he was removed emerge, we’ll be sure to update this piece.

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