Twitch upgrades JiDion ban to permanent after streamer’s Pokimane hate raids

pokimane-jidion-twitch-banTwitch: Pokimane / YouTube: Jidion

Twitch upgraded JiDion’s 14-day ban to a permanent one after he orchestrated a “hate raid” on Pokimane’s stream, but he claims their decision was influenced by external pressure. 

JiDion encouraged his viewers to launch a “hate raid” on Pokimane’s Twitch stream on January 12. He was promptly banned from the platform for 14-days shortly after. It happened a mere day after his account was verified.

At the time, he accepted full responsibility for breaking the terms of service. However, he insisted that it had nothing to do with her gender. “My dislike for her has nothing to do with her gender, but her as a person!”

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In an interesting turn of events, JiDion revealed that Twitch has now upgraded it to a permanent ban. He believes the initial ban was justified. However, he claims the permaban “isn’t fair,” and he explained why.

“I’m not here to talk about why I got banned because I deserved to get banned,” he said. “It is what it is. I broke the terms of service. But what I am here to talk about is that I’m here to ask Twitch to make it fair.”

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He explained that his initial ban was only for 14-days.

However, JiDion claims Twitch decided to make it permanent due to pressure from the community saying it wasn’t severe enough, and he believes that isn’t fair.

“I feel Twitch should keep my 14-day suspension, especially for a first-time offense, and not let outside factors determine [it]. What I did was wrong. But how am I supposed to do better the next time if I never get a next time?”

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After the incident, other streamers rallied behind Pokimane, and JiDion believes their influence ultimately shaped the decision.

Twitch hasn’t commented on the situation yet. However, JiDion promised that he “will be doing better in the future” if he gets a second chance.

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