Adin Ross kicked out of TwitchCon after entering wearing Kick apparel

Jake Nichols
Adin Ross TwitchCon

Adin Ross’ attempt at “crashing” TwitchCon was cut short as he was almost immediately escorted out of the venue by security, with police on standby.

This year’s TwitchCon, held in Las Vegas, sees content creators and fans gathered to celebrate the world of streaming.

Adin Ross, a prominent streamer known for his controversial content and significant following on Kick, wanted to get in on the action as well, deciding to make an appearance at the event.

Ross and his crew entered the venue wearing Kick shirts while streaming “Crashing Midcon” live on Kick, a bold decision considering his Twitch ban.

Ross clarified his intentions as they entered the premises. “I want to meet the CEO,” he explained. “Eddie [Craven – Kick CEO] told me to be really nice. I just want to ask him a couple of questions. Where do I find the CEO at?”

“I’m not here to cause problems. I’m here to spread love. I love Twitch. I want to get unbanned. I’m going to ask him to unban me.”

However, it didn’t take long for security to approach Ross and his group. Security can be heard telling them, “You guys have to leave.” A stunned Ross responded, “What did we do? I was here for five seconds. I’ve paid. But I paid?” while showing his entry badge.

As they were escorted towards the exit, Ross and his crew pressed for answers, only to be told they had violated Twitch’s code of conduct. “What is it? I’m curious, what’s the code of conduct?” Ross asked, to which he received a vague response, urging him to figure it out himself.

As they left the venue, Ross expressed his frustration, questioning what he had done to deserve being kicked out. “What did I do? What the f*** did I do? F*** Twitch!” he exclaimed.

Moments later, Ross shared a live update revealing that Citrus, Cheesur, CUFFFEM, and ShnaggyHose had all received indefinite suspensions from Twitch as well.

Later, when xQc appeared on stream, Ross revealed that he wasn’t surprised that he was removed from the event but was shocked at the bans for the other young content creators who were with him.

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