Kick streamer N3on lashes out at JiDion over view botting claims

Dylan Horetski
jidion n3on

Kick streamer N3on lashed out at JiDion over the phone after he was accused of view botting on his own channel.

Since the rise of Twitch, websites offering to inflate your channel viewers in exchange for a set amount of money have jumped in popularity.

On June 20, 2024, Kick streamer N3on was on the phone with JiDion when the YouTuber called him out for view botting on his channel – causing him to lash out.

“Your stream is definitely view botted,” said JiDion over the phone. “But I can’t say that it’s you [doing it]. If you say it’s not you then okay, but it’s 1000% botted.”

N3on was quick to respond to JiDion’s claims. He said: “Right hand on the Quran. I do not view bot.” His claim was questioned, causing him to lash out even more.

“No, holy f**k bro. You did the same sh*t on YouTube for years you fat f**k and then you quit, tried to go the religious route and then you got bored, missed the fame and came back doing the same thing,” N3on said before hanging up the phone.

N3on quickly brushed off the confrontation with JiDion and continued his IRL stream for several more hours.

This isn’t the first time N3on’s had a confrontation with another content creator. Back in March, he called out MoistCr1TiKal, claiming he “hates him” and wanted to fight the YouTube star.

Moist then called out the Kick platform in April, slamming the site for “illegal content” after N3on was banned after a hit & run incident on stream with NYPD street racer Squeez Benz.

N3on’s reckless driving stream got the attention of Kick star Adin Ross as well, who warned that people would die if Kick didn’t crack down on them.

“There is 100% gonna be a group of people, a group of kids whatever, who think this sh*t is cool to do. So, what’s gonna happen is a bunch of people are going to try to cut up and you’re gonna see a lot more accidents, and God forbid no one truly dies or gets hurt,” Adin said.