Jeffree Star dishes on ex Andre Marhold & fake accounts in YouTube return

Charlotte Colombo

After a quiet month on YouTube, Jeffree Star has returned to the platform to set the record straight about recent drama to his 17.2 million subscribers. 

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It’s clear that 2020 hasn’t been the most plain-sailing year for makeup mogul Jeffree Star. Following his breakup with long-time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt at the start of this year, he has been at the center of numerous controversies.

These include backlash against his ORGY palette, accusations of racist behavior, “poisonous lies” about James Charles to Tati Westbrook, and most recently, the very public and messy split between him and squeeze Andre Marhold, wherein Star publicly accused the professional basketball player of “robbing” him of a few designer items.

Jeffree Star accuses ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold of stealing from him.
Star publicly accused Marhold of stealing from him in an Instagram comment.

Since Star went public with these accusations against Marhold, the plot continued to thicken, with several false accounts posing as Marhold popping up and sharing photos of STD medications they claimed belonged to Star.

One of these accounts even messaged Star, telling him that his relationship with Marhold was all just a “game”.

One of the fake accounts claimed that Star was hiding an alleged STD.
One of the fake accounts spread rumors about Jeffree Star’s sexual health.

After confirming the invalidity of these accounts on social media, Star has been relatively quiet about the breakdown of his relationship with Marhold and these accusations. Until now.

Breaking his silence on YouTube, Star set the record straight about his ex and these surrounding rumors.

“I was recently hanging out with someone, but we are not hanging out anymore,” Star said.

Topic starts at 0:55

Within minutes of the video, Star made it clear that the future wasn’t looking bright for his sticky-fingered ex, as he confirmed that he was being prosecuted for stealing from him.

Star confirmed that ex boyfriend Andre Marhold was being prosecuted for stealing from him.

As for the false accounts, Star exclaimed that “the internet is a little cuckoo at the moment”, before clarifying that the people behind the accounts had also been caught by the police.

“Thank God for IP addresses and law enforcement,” Star sighed.

In the video, he also revealed his dog Diva’s diagnosis with cancer, gave viewers a tour of his latest home renovations, and promised to upload more regularly in the future.

After previously teasing the video on Twitter, Star made good on his promise to fans to give them a “full life update”.

However, as a lot of fans pointed out, what was unusual about Star’s video was the lack of explanation about his latest controversy.

In an expose by Insider, it was revealed that Star colluded with a former fan to delete a series of Tweets – which included jokes about r*pe and sleeping with straight men –  at the height of his feud with James Charles.

He initially promised to give the fan free tickets to an event, but then blocked the fan and berated them after they emailed his assistant. He said to the fan that his “energy felt really ugly” and “entitled” before blocking him.

Meanwhile, accusations about Star’s conduct and allegedly predatory behavior are re-circulating online after his former fan spoke to Insider. He is yet to comment on them.