Tayler Holder slams “fake” accusations after opening up on cease & desist letters

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Tayler Holder opened up about sending out cease and desist letters nearly two years after allegations surfaced that seemed to accuse him of sexual assault.

Tayler Holder is a social media star who was famously dropped by many of his fellow influencer friends back in early 2022.

A few in Holder’s former circle made vague references to “unforgivable actions” in various Instagram stories posts, with a slew of high-profile creators unfollowing him on social media.

In the wake of this mass-unfollowing, it was revealed that Holder had sent cease and desist letters to some of the influencers throwing accusations at him, including names like Bryce Hall and Josh Richards.

Tayler Holder talks to the camera
Tayler Holder was unfollowed by a slew of his fellow creators in early 2022.

Holder addressed the accusations in an interview on the BFFs podcast around that time, saying, “There’s a lot of stuff going on offline that should continue to be handled offline.”

Over the ensuing year-and-a-half, Holder has continued to live his life as an influencer while occasionally facing callouts from Bryce Hall over the incident — an ordeal that continues to remain murky and unclear.

Tayler Holder addresses “fake” allegations

In December 2023, Holder addressed the drama in an episode of the Alter Ego Podcast, where he continued to deny any accusations against him, calling the allegations “fake.”

“This is all public knowledge, man,” Holder began. “There’s a reason I’m still sitting here with nothing that ever happened. Everyone can be like, ‘Letters this, letters that, and the cease and desist.’ Bro, a letter doesn’t stop anyone from freaking talking about anything — nothing.”

“If I thought that I did anything wrong, why the hell would I even offer them to go to court, to put myself in that position?” he continued. “See, this is the stuff that people never saw, bro. It sucks, bro. Not one of my real friends came and asked me what actually happened. Nothing. They just all left.”


Thus far, it’s still not known what all went down between Holder and his former friends, but it’s clear the ordeal left him with a sour taste in his mouth nearly two years later.