YouTuber ImAllexx under fire for alleged physical abuse against his ex-girlfriend

Carver Fisher

ImAllexx, a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, is being called out by his ex-girlfriend based on claims he both physically and emotionally abused her and that he destroyed her property.

Alice, the woman making these allegations, released several videos and audio logs of their interactions in a Google doc along with an 82 page statement.

She detailed her side of the story and allegde that he destroyed her property, got physical in fights, and called her a “wh*re”, “psycho”, “n*****”, and several other derogatory terms.

One of these videos depicts ImAllex threatening her physically while they were in a Discord call:

“I’m gonna f***ing bash your head against a wall with a brick if you don’t shut the f*** up,” he said.

Another video she released was from her shoving her phone in her pocket and leaving the recording on as she was packing her things and trying to leave. She claims the reason she felt she had to get out was because ImAllexx kicked her just before she started recording.

“You don’t actually try and fix any of your f***ing problems. It’s f***ing infuriating at this point. Like, earlier, you’re miserable about something, all you have to do is say what it is. You’re complaining that I don’t clean up after myself? N*****, neither do you.”

In yet another video, Alex calls her a “dog” and claims that she “f***ed everything up” for them.

“When it’s too f***ing late, you admit that you did everything f***ing wrong. But when it actually matters, when you should lay down like a good f***ing dog, you don’t f***ing do it. You fight for some reason, I don’t know why you fight. Because you’re losing, because you’ll end up admitting you f***ed it all up anyways.”

Alice also claims that some of her belongings were destroyed when she picked them up after moving out like her monitors, camera, and keyboard, along with pictures of her monitors.

Alex said in other calls and messages that he “hated” her and that she made his life much more difficult, and that he had general distrust of both her and some of his other friends.

“You might not have anything to lose, your life might be down the f***ing drain, but I still have quite a lot I’d like to give. You’re making it incredibly hard for me, just like Lewis did. I hate all of you,” Alex claimed in a call.

Other messages depict Alex accusing Alice of ruining their vacation because she opened up to him about past experience with sexual assault:

“Bringing up weird sh*t on our first holiday, ruin every moment,” he said via Discord message. “I have no fond memories with you. Actually none.”

However, words like this would quickly turn to pleas from Alex once she decided to break off the relationship, messages that went on for days without response as depicted in a screen recording from Alice’s phone.

She also had dozens of screenshots in her document displaying this sort of behavior.

“Here to apologize again, I’m sorry,” followed by, “I’m upset and I miss you. And I want everything to be normal. I will do everything to get you back starting today.”

Near the end of her statement, Alice had this to say:

“There’s so much more I could talk about but I really don’t want to re-live it any longer. This was an awful toxic relationship. I should’ve left just two months in knowing and finding out the kind of person he actually is, but that’s what happens when a narcissist meets an empath, they feed off of it.

“I had communicated my best, made him aware of what made me uncomfortable and it wasn’t listened to.”

All that said, Alice admitted to her faults as well, saying that she slapped Alex in the face during one of their fights because she felt threatened. “I’m not afraid to own up to anything I’ve done because I only ever reacted after the abuse was drilled into me.”

Additionally, Alice claims to have more evidence that she was withholding for legal reasons.

“For legal and obvious reasons I won’t attach all the evidence I have, but in due time it may be made public. He has tried to get me to stay quiet online and has suggested he would deny all of this, if this happens I will release more undeniable evidence.”

If you’d like to read Alice’s full statement and see the videos for yourself, the Google doc folder is embedded in her tweet.

ImAllexx has yet to respond to these allegations.