James Welsh brands Trisha Paytas’ cosmetic collab “worst skincare launch ever”

Ed Barnes
James Welsh Trisha PaytasInstagram: Trisha Paytas, James Welsh

Popular British YouTuber James Welsh has reviewed Trisha Paytas’ skincare line, and branded it the “worst skincare launch ever”, and criticized the production methods.

Welsh’s video covered a lot of ground from the production of the products to testing out the sunscreen. Welsh noticed that products had separated, leaked, and alleged that they might have been cheaply made.

Welsh said the set cost $200 (now $159.00) and featured a variety of products. This included sunscreen, toner, cleanser, and night creams.

The skincare line is in collaboration with Charlotte Wilson, the CEO of Glow Skin Enhancement, who does not claim to be a doctor, an aesthetician, or a dermatologist but claims to have “the gift of skin” that comes from God.

Welsh claims that Wilson “is not a chemist” and wonders who is formulating the products. Welsh also says in the video that he found it “hard to find the ingredient list for these products.”

In the video, Welsh shows off the products including one that appears to have separated. When reviewing another product containing SPF, Welsh says he doesn’t “know how that has sunscreen in it,” in what he says is his personal opinion.

When trying the product on, he says “something’s not right.” Welsh then proceeds to use an app that should show whether UV light is being blocked on your skin.

The app appears to show no difference in the appearance of Welsh’s skin (it should appear black) leading Welsh to conclude “this isn’t a sunscreen” though adds he thinks “the camera could be faulty.”

Trisha Paytas Sunscreen testYouTube: James Welsh
Welsh tested out the sunscreen using an app that is supposed to show whether UV rays are being blocked by a product.

He concludes the video by saying he plans to throw the collection away as he doesn’t think “it’s fair or safe to give this away” and says he’s “dubious” of the brand.

Claims of skin burning after using Paytas’ products

The brand has faced criticism from one user who received an angry response after she claimed her products were delivered broken. Then a woman named Sara claimed in a TikTok that she received a burn after using Trisha Paytas’ products.

Sara claimed in a tweet that the reaction “burned like crazy” and that she was up till 4 am “with tissues dabbing my nose because it was WET and wouldn’t stop.”

Paytas has not responded to the criticism yet on their social media channels and Sara’s Twitter is now private, meaning her tweets are now unable to be read. The original TikToks however are still up on her account at @sarastrohstein.

Tana and Trisha podcast 2CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau
Trisha Paytas featured on Tana Mongeau’s new ‘CANCELLED’ Podcast on August 3.

Paytas is no stranger to controversy either. In 2021, they have been beefing with podcaster and former friend Ethan Klein and accused Klein of lying.

Paytas is also known for a months-long feud with Gabbie Hanna who they recently labeled “vile and disgusting.” Paytas has also had criticized Dixie D’Amelio, James Charles, and Jeffree Star.