Trisha Paytas calls Gabbie Hanna “vile and disgusting” on Tana Mongeau podcast

Gabbie Hanna, Cancelled PodcastInstagram: Tana Mongeau, Gabbie Hanna

Trisha Paytas called Gabbie Hanna “vile and disgusting” during a debut appearance on Tana Mongeau’s Cancelled podcast. Paytas went on to say that they would rather “lick David Dobrik’s nuts than ever see that girl again.”

The second episode of Mongeau’s podcast debuted on August 3 and featured Paytas, Mongeau, and Hunter Moreno.

The topic of Hanna came up when Mongeau discussed a call she received from the press with Paytas later making the remarks about Hanna.

Mongeau was talking about an experience she had when she was younger, potentially underage, and alleged a much older YouTuber attempted to hit on her.

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Mongeau explained that she doesn’t know if “I was 17 or 18” and went on to say “I don’t know if anything so bad ever happened to where it’s condemning them.” She described the interaction as just “a flirty word encounter.”

Initially hesitant to name Hanna in the podcast, Mongeau said that she “got a call that Gabbie Hanna was trying to sell to them that this YouTuber hooked up with me when I was underage.”

Tana Mongeau and Trisha PaytasInstagram: Tana Mongeau
Mongeau posing with Paytas to promote the episode.

Paytas then reacted to Mongeau’s allegations saying it was “gross.” They went onto say “you cannot bring someone else’s trauma public if you’ve never talked about it and you’re not friends with this person.”

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The YouTuber also said that Hanna was the one person she’d describe as “vile” and that the series the YouTuber posted about Paytas “just makes me so upset.” Paytas also referred back to her allegation Hanna had told Paytas’ boyfriend in November 2019 that she had herpes.

The feud between Hanna and Paytas has been long-running with both YouTube stars posting multiple videos about each other. One fan in June 2021 said, “this is truly the YouTube drama that is never going to end.” Perhaps they were right.

Nevertheless, Paytas has been busy in recent weeks filming a new music video titled “Van Gogh” set during World War 2. The video debuted on August 4.

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