Bryce Hall shades Noah Beck & Blake Gray for going “behind his back” amid Sway House end

Blake Gray/ Instagram

Bryce Hall threw a bit of shade to Sway House alums Noah Beck & Blake Gray after the fallout of the popular TikTok group might have created a bigger rift among the friends.

Talking with The Sync, Hall revealed a bit more about the Sway House and the events that immediately followed the decision to move out and bring the social experiment to an end. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t appear everyone will remain as tight as they were.

Hall previously revealed how he had “no friends” after the Sway House’s collapse in August, and it sounds like different occurrences have only reinforced that idea since.

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While he maintains that he’s “cool with everyone,” Hall’s never been one to hold back what he thinks about a given situation.

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“Everyone’s noticed that Sway Boys don’t even hang out anymore,” Hall said. “I’m cool with everyone, it’s just the tension between Noah, Blake and I just… It’s weird.” Hall trailed off, but agreed with the description of it being “too much” so they went separate ways.

That’s when the called out a “slimy” thing they did after everyone was looking for a new place to stay after Sway House.

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Apparently, Hall was on the lookout for possible digs where the friends could stay after moving out of their place in LA. But at the same time, Beck and Gray were looking for a place without Hall.

“They f**king did some slimy sh*t, lowkey,” Hall began. “I brought these kids in, blew them up in Sway and then I say, ‘Yo, you guys want to get another place?” Blake doesn’t even respond, and they’re going house-hunting behind my back even though I’m house hunting for all of us.”

Swayla / Instagram
Rumors of Sway House shutting down have revolved for a while, but this time it could be for good.

The 22-year-old TikToker said he was caught by surprise being phased out of the plan about five days before everyone was set to move out of the Sway House.

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He expressed his disappointment for people that he helped bring up but who didn’t “have the common decency” to let him know beforehand of their intent to go separate ways.

It’s unclear if the former Sway Boys will be as close as they were at the height of Sway House’s popularity, but so far it looks like there’s more tension than anything else.