Trisha Paytas says James Charles “should go to prison” over past sexting controversy

Trisha Paytas and James CharlesYouTube: Trisha Paytas / James Charles

Influencer Trisha Paytas said she believed James Charles “should go to prison” in a video posted to their YouTube channel. In it, they criticized the fellow Youtuber over allegations made against him from minors earlier in 2021.

Paytas certainly didn’t mince their words describing Charles as “gross and creepy,” and “disgusting.” They also said he “shouldn’t even be on the internet.”

The comments were made after Charles attempted to make a comeback after a series of controversies relating to his dating life and relationship with young fans.

Charles admitted to sending sexually explicit messages to fans aged 15 to 17 in early 2021 after a number of allegations were made against him. Charles insists that he didn’t know they were underage at the time.

Instagram, James Charles
Charles posted on Instagram announcing his return.

The drama between Charles and Paytas goes way back and seemed to end when Paytas apologized to Charles as well as Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, whom they were feuding with at the time.

At the time, Paytas declared they were quitting social media for good though Paytas continues to post regularly on their social media channels.

Trisha goes in on James Charles

Charles returned with a video posted to his YouTube channel on July 2 that was temporarily demonetized due to the sexting scandal, and Paytas wasn’t impressed.

“Everyone is asking me like “Oh my god James Charles might come back, do you want to comment on it?” Trisha starts when Moses, their fiance, says “Who cares.”

Topic starts at 4:54


Trisha then agrees and continues, “Obviously James Charles is gross and creepy. I’m glad that’s been brought to awareness but it’s like he’s back. People forgive him. There’s only so much you can do because the people who were the victims, the minors, don’t come forward”.

After discussing allegations against Bill Cosby, Paytas swings back to Charles. Paytas goes on to say “you can only shout about it so much. People will either see it or they won’t.” Paytas then dropped their most incendiary comment saying that James Charles “should go to prison …. but hey, he’s back on the internet.”

Finally, Trisha concluded: “I don’t really have too many thoughts on it other than that he’s gross. What am I going to do? Make a video about that? You’re disgusting, you should not be on the internet.”

Charles’ new video, titled “An Open Conversation,” has been heavily criticized on social media since it was posted on July 2.