JakeNBake admits his shock Twitch ban “made sense” after successful appeal

JakenBake in his carTwitter/jakenbakeLIVE

Streaming star JakeNBake has been unbanned from Twitch after a successful appeal – but he has since agreed that the suspension “made sense” after all.

On March 26, the popular IRL broadcaster was hit with a seven-day ban from Twitch for being in his car while on his phone, a violation of the platform’s rules, despite the fact he wasn’t driving at the time.

According to Jake, he knew what he was doing, but felt that because he was on a closed track on private property, he would be fine and safe from any Twitch issues.

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“Based on the context of the situation, I will be submitting a ban appeal. Due to the environment and nature of how it happened — I don’t believe it falls under the same category as using your phone while driving normally,” he wrote in a tweet following his ban.

Now, just a few days later, JakeNBake is allowed back on Twitch, and now agrees that the Amazon-owned site wasn’t out of line by banning him.

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“Great news! It seems our appeal worked – for the most part. Suspension was not removed, but shortened. Happy to see that once context was reviewed, changes were made,” he revealed.

“Too bad my hot tub didn’t arrive in time for the comeback stream,” he joked, referencing the big controversy surrounding Twitch’s hot tub meta as of late.

Some users further inquired about the ban, and if he will have a strike on his record even though the suspension was “baseless.”

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“Yes. It wasn’t baseless since it technically violated TOS,” Jake replied. “But within context, Twitch decided to reduce to ban. It makes sense. Of course, best case was to reverse the ban, but I also understand this outcome.”

“TOS isn’t always based on law. They have their own terms in place to protect the streamers, viewers, and themselves. Even if I didn’t technically break the law, it’s arguable that I placed myself in danger. I see both sides to it. Reduced sentence better than nothing,” he further added.

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It’s interesting how Twitch didn’t just outright undo the ban; In the same week that Jake was suspended, Twitch apologized after they accidentally banned Ryan Higa for “hateful conduct.”

At least now Jake can get back to streaming on Twitch and doing what he loves.

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