Amouranth hits back at Indiefoxx calling her “scum” for copying Twitch content

Calum Patterson
Amouranth and Indiefoxx on Twitch

A controversy has been struck up by a number of the best-known female streamers on Twitch, with Indiefoxx at the center of it all, prompting a response from Amouranth, the second most-followed on the platform.

Indiefoxx accused Amouranth of “copying” her ideas for stream content, calling her a “snake” in the process.

“Seeing another streamer copy my stream verbatim to my changing outfits, to my overlays, to my stream titles, everything, even outfit styles, is disturbing,” Indiefoxx posted.

“The lies and greed is unreal,” she continued. “This b*tch is a multimillionaire, and can’t even stand if anyone does a little better streaming, they have to copy my whole stream, I can’t imagine being so gross and actually shameless scum.”

The message was reposted onto Twitter by another streamer, Melina, with the caption, “wait a minute… didn’t she copy all of my ideas??”

This post caught the attention of Amouranth – who Indiefoxx’s post is clearly aimed at (even specifically mentioning her follower count of 2 million).

Amouranth responded with screenshots of messages she had received from Indiefoxx in the past, back in 2017, where she suggested some tips to improve her follower count.

On her personal Twitter account, Amouranth mocked Indiefoxx’s claims that she had “copied” her content, joking that she could patent certain activities like ‘sleep streams on a beanbag.’

Indiefoxx has been growing rapidly on Twitch, possibly partly thanks to a series of high-profile suspensions. She was actually was banned three times in the space of a month, all for violating Twitch’s community guidelines on suitable attire.

The LA native has gained over 300,000 followers in the last three months, while Amouranth has gained 185,000. Amouranth remains the second most-followed female streamer on Twitch, behind Pokimane, with over 2 million total.

Indiefoxx has remained ban-free since her last suspension in February, when she said she felt “targeted” by Twitch. Typically, repeat violations will lead to an indefinite ban, so the streamer will need to be careful to avoid any further suspensions.

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