IRL Twitch streamer’s 200k hot tub boat celebration ends in disaster

ImJasmine hot tub boat stream on TwitchTwitch/Imjasmine

IRL streamer ImJasmine was celebrating reaching 200,000 followers on Twitch with a special hot tub boat broadcast – but the party ended before it could even really get started when disaster struck.

Twitch’s IRL streams have been growing in popularity over the years, with streamers documenting their travels in foreign countries and their shenanigans at home.

One of those taking advantage of the category’s popularity is ImJasmine, a streamer from Canada who has shared her adventures all over Asia. Her growth ended up earning her a whopping 200,000 followers, and to celebrate, she decided to get herself a hot tub boat.

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Twitch’s “hot tub meta” has been a big topic of debate in recent weeks, with some streamers thinking it promotes sexism, while others have been defending the controversial broadcasts.

Regardless of that drama, however, ImJasmine decided to spice things up with a hot tub boat, which is exactly what it sounds like.

“So, we’re on a boat in a hot tub, and it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” ImJasmine said to begin her March 31 broadcast. “Just literally a hot tub boat. We’re in the middle of the lake. There is only me on this boat, no one else. You control the boat by joystick. It’s the coolest thing.”

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As excited as Jasmine was for the day to begin, nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen next. Only moments after her introductory message, she headed over to the joystick to give her viewers a demonstration.

After putting her backpack camera down, it dropped dramatically into the water where it suffered catastrophic errors.

The camera lens became all blurry, leaving viewers with nothing to see.

“Oh, we’re f**ked!” she said, discouraged that her stream was dead. “We’re completely f**ked. Oh my God. We’re f**ked. I just f**ked up my camera.”

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Unfortunately, what was likely planned to be a much longer stream only ended up lasting seven and a half minutes.

In a very short video update with her phone, the streamer revealed that she was planning to “figure it out,” but that broadcast ended very quickly.

So far, ImJasmine hasn’t commented on the stream fiasco on Twitter or Instagram, but hopefully she can get her stream up and running again so she can properly celebrate the 200K follower milestone.