KSI returns to Twitter a week after ‘quitting’

KSI twitterYouTube: KSI/Twitter

After KSI publicly announced that he’s stepping away from Twitter due to the rise of ‘cancel culture’ on the platform, the YouTuber has returned, saying he plans to use the app “from time to time.”

When it comes to drama, it’s fair to say Olajide Olayinka “KSI” Olatunji has been through it all. From multiple boxing matches with various online personalities to a feud with BTS’s army of fans, he’s certainly no stranger to controversy and confrontation.

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Despite having a massive reach on social media and over 6 million followers on Twitter, the YouTuber announced on March 25 that’s he’d be leaving Twitter.

KSI musicYouTube: KSI
KSI has over 22 million subscribers on YouTube.

KSI quitting Twitter over cancel culture

In an unexpected tweet, KSI announced that he’d be leaving Twitter due to the prevalence of cancel culture on the platform. This is no doubt in part a response to the backlash he received after being accused of making transphobic jokes during a Jackbox stream.

He voiced his opinion that the platform as a whole has changed for the worse in recent years.

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“Twitter used to be an amazing place where you could connect with people… now it’s just full of pretentious people that are ready to cancel & destroy your legacy for breathing incorrectly.”

Although the announcement came as a shock to a lot of KSI’s fans, his previous tweets did suggest he was growing tired of the platform.

Just hours before his departure, he posted a tweet that labeled PewDiePie as “ahead of the curve” for leaving Twitter back in 2019.

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KSI doubled down on his claims and elaborated on the reason behind his decision in a follow-up YouTube video.

“I just think it’s crazy that the standard people have over [on Twitter], especially with people who are well known or famous,” he said. “They expect you to be perfect [and to] literally [make] no mistakes [or have] no problems ever as if we’re not human.”

“Plus, Twitter is just so negative. It’s so depressing looking down the timeline [and] just [seeing] people complaining about sh*t left, right, and center and just hating the world. Why would I remain on an app that depresses me even more?”

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KSI returns to Twitter

While many assumed that the YouTuber had left Twitter for good, he surprised everyone when he returned on April 3. “Who missed me?” he wrote. KSI addressed his return by saying, “This app is still super dry but I’ll just use it from time to time.”

While there were some tweets posted from his account in the week since he announced his departure, the posts were largely promotional content relating to his music, with the creator taking a noticeable step back from the site.

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Whether these new tweets mean that KSI is making a full return to the platform is unclear, but his Twitter break didn’t last as long as many thought it would.

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